cover for Winner of the National Book Award

Jincy Willett

...has a life, as, I'm sure, do you. And yet here you are. Rather than think about what this means — because nothing good will come of that — why not just go ahead and click on one of these innocuous-looking links? For instance, wouldn't you like to know who she is? Hint: She's a writer!!! Well, no, you say, not really, I mean, who isn't? And yet here's this. Just look at it. Enlightenment right there, in a tiny raspberry word at the tip of your cursor.

All right, fine, be that way. Don't click on her list of published works, or bother purchasing them. Don't even think about taking her fiction workshop, or attending any of her speaking engagements. Get your own list of intriguing websites. Keep your mitts off her blog, you perv. God, you people make me sick.

Yours & etc.,

Professor Twitmore F. Twatface